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Bayou Deli

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Bayou Deli
323 20th Street North
Birmingham, Alabama 35203

205-327-2300 | phone
205-327-8112 | fax

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Payment Methods
Cash Visa MasterCard
Hours of Operation
Monday:8:00 am - 2:30 pm
Tuesday:8:00 am - 2:30 pm
Wednesday:8:00 am - 2:30 pm
Thursday:8:00 am - 2:30 pm
Friday:8:00 am - 2:30 pm
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One day, not long after moving into our new quiet cul-de-sac neighborhood, I walked out into my yard on a pretty Spring day and was confronted with the most delicious food aroma I could ever remember.  It wasn't barbecue, but it was wonderful.  I thought about it and then forgot about it.  Later on, it happened again, and this time I asked my newly introduced neighbor across the street if he knew what it might be.  Without hesitating he said, "yeah, it's Gary doing some outdoor cooking.  He's a Cajun you know."  Alex

Well, I hadn't met Gary yet, but soon enough I learned more about his New Orleans origin and his penchant for concocting mouth-watering recipes inherited by him from his Cajun ancestry.  What I had been sensing was him enthusiastically exercising his passion for preparing delicious food for all of his family and friends to enjoy.

Now, everybody intereseted in great Cajun cooking can reap the rewards of Gary Tynes' enthusiasm and talent for preparing wonderful Cajun dishes.  Not really spicy, but definitely brimming over with wonderful flavors, the Bayou Deli's dishes are the manifestation of Gary's passion.  New Orleans Style Po' Boy sandwiches, mouthwatering muffuletta sandwiches, and appetite-teasing turkey breasts fried in peanut oil, along with a lot of other traditional tasty dishes will be gracing the Bayou Deli's menu.  Unless I miss my guess, he is going to find himself constantly cooking, because once the community gets wind of those wonderful cooking aromas, and once they feast on his creations, they'll be back again and again and will be bringing all their friends.

Bayou Deli was established July 22, 2010 in downtown Birmingham.  We at Bayou Deli are a family owned and operated restaurant that wants to satisfy all our customer's needs by giving you a delectable and unique taste of New Orleans.  A contractor by trade, Gary Tynes grew up in New Orleans and worked for a couple of years at the Filet & Vine Market and Deli in Montgomery, but the Bayou Deli is his first venture as a restaurant owner.  "It's been a long-time dream," Tynes says. "I've been tinkering in the backyard cooking all my life, and that pushed me to the point of going out and trying it."  Although he was born in Columbus, Ga., Tynes lived in the New Orleans from the time he was in grade school up until he moved to Alabama about 14 years ago. He and his wife now live in Calera.  He acquired his "Cajun" nickname soon after coming to Alabama, and it's stuck with him since.


So remember..."Come fill your belly at the Bayou (Acadian) Deli!"  Visit us on the corner of 20th Street & 4th Avenue North.  We appreciate your patronage and support of your local business!

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